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Size Compatibility

In spite issued in the same 1/72 scale, there are registered minor differences between the sizes of bodies, gear and weapons applied by various manufacturers or even by the same company. In this light, the reviews identify three distinct sizes of figures, respectively small, medium, and tall, but slight size variations might intervene within the same category, too.

Collectors and wargamers might not be disturbed too much by size compatibility, but this sets out as an important aspect for diorama builders. Particularly in vignettes or small dioramas, an eventual size discrepancy can be quite annoying.

In order the visitor to check by himself size compatibility, there are provided images with sample figures from various sets. In the background there is a scale for making further easier the comparison. Below each figure there is a number corresponding to the name of the set from where it was taken, the list of the sets being supplied at the bottom of the page. When available, the selected samples are in quite similar positions. Please note also that insignificant variation in terms of size might appear within the same set as well.