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This website is not associated with any political groups or organizations and does not support racism, xenophobia or any form of discrimination. The reviews and other information provided on this site shall not be considered responsible for any eventual occurring damage.

The website aims providing in an innovative approach a most comprehensive data base on 1/72 WWII Germans for modellers, collectors, and wargamers and to represent a reliable source of inspiration for all hobbyists. Various alternatives on grouping the large number of figure sets released on the topic try simplifying the research work of the visitor.

Likewise, with the declared goal of giving a helpful hand to all hobbyists, except the standard data provided by the reviews, this website make available easy accessible and inclusive information on 1/72 WWII Germans such as colour chart, painting and conversion guides, size comparison etc.

Another goal of the website represents the promotion of 1/72 scale, in many offers the detail and sculpture differences between this scale and upper scales like 1/35 are nearly inexistent. Such fact-finding can be best noticed in direct comparison of same figures released in both scales, the scaled down 1/72 product being almost identical with the 1/35 one. Nowadays technology can fulfill even the innermost dreams of the hobbyists and versus 1/35, the 1/72 scale has few major advantages such as cheaper prices, less time for building and painting as well as less space allocation. Modellers activating in 1/72 scale succeed gathering in the same place huge amounts of figures and vehicles. Just imagine how much space will necessitate 200 figures and 30 vehicles in the 1/35 scale while in the 1/72 one square meter will be more than enough.

Featuring thousands of 1/72 toy soldiers comprised by over 300 figure sets and vehicle kits with figures, there is an ongoing process, the website being continuously updated as new or older releases enter in my collection as well as when I finish painting a set. All figures here presented are part of my collection, all painted minis as well as the converted ones being my work.

Mass production and cottage industry reps grant special attention to 1/72 WWII German figures, the topic benefitting by over 300 sets and emerging as one of the best sold and most popular among all target groups. Several factors explaining its status and fame might be the need of opponents for all the Allied Armies involved in WWII as well as the huge diversity, impressive performance and attractive colours of WWII German military technique and novel organisation of Army. Likewise, the rich variety of uniforms, colours and camouflage patterns registered in terms of attire, as well as the courage of the simple German soldier, who, coursing the politicians which threw him in a fierce war from their nice and warm armchairs, kept fighting till the bitter end although knowing he had no chance to win or even survive contributed to their popularity, too.

The reviews, painting, eventual conversions of standard poses as well as all the photos were done solely by me, a pretty hard work for a single person involving thousands of hours of work. I have started collecting and painting these figs 20 years ago and definitely I do not regret anything, the hobby bringing me pleasant and relaxing moments.

The texts of reviews try offering broad information on the products and many exceeds 20,000 characters. However, please consider that English is not my mother tongue and I would like to kindly ask you to excuse the occurring grammar, spelling or vocabulary mistakes. The content of the reviews reflects only the reviewer’s opinion and normally, there might be cases when differs more or less from the readers’ views.

However, it is hoped that both texts and accompanying images supply sufficient information for the visitor to form his own opinion on the sets in case. I also strive painting the figures as detailed as possible, reproducing even minor elements of uniforms, equipment and weapons in spite the small size of the toy-soldiers. Moreover, I try respecting and replicating on the minis the original colours of uniforms, equipment and weapons in order to offer appropriate and accurate suggestions for other hobbyists.

Conversions sets out as a most useful tool not only for increasing the number of figures in collection, but also to cover gaps in the field, achieving new poses appropriate for serving in various purposes according to particular needs such as gun crewmen, radio operators, tank-hunters etc. Within a large number of reviews, especially on those related to mass-production sets, there are enclosed images with the conversions I made on the standard poses of that set. In order to emphasise the importance I give to the issue, a special rubric presents conversions I carried out inspired by different reference images of the period.

I would like to take the opportunity to warmly thank all my friends and relatives that supported me in establishing the here presented collection. When they travelled abroad I often asked them to go to a hobby shop and buy for me certain kits, and plenty of times, the location of the shop in case was quite far from their hotel….Likewise, I express my deep gratitude for relatives and friends living abroad, that also offered me an important helpful-hand in achieving this collection.

So, once again, I wish to reiterate my sincere gratitude to all of them.
I do hope you will enjoy and find this website useful and it will encourage other modellers to start their own work in the 1/72 scale, no matter the topic.