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About Reviews

The text and images featured in a review might be accessed by selecting one of the options of grouping sets released on similar topic. The options provided try answering to matters counting for a hobbyist or a simple visitor, listing the figure sets on major characteristics such as manufacturer, clothes worn by the figures, weapons used and branches they belong or on the material the product is made of.  After clicking an option, a list of the sets answering the selected criterion is opened and by clicking one, its content is revealed

 The list incorporates three categories of reviews, namely “Extended", “Brief", and “Not Available", marked through the following Font Colours:

 (EXT) – “Extended", meaning the Review benefits by a comprehensive text, accompanied by images of painted product and if appropriate, other related images such as conversions released on the poses included in that set, box, sprues etc. In general, at the beginning of the review is posted an image introducing the painted standard poses of the set and at the end of the review, various images with painted standard poses, sprues, box and eventual conversions. By clicking an image, it will appear in large format, the “Next" option being also functional.

 (BRF) - “Brief", meaning the Review is a short one, providing basic information on the set in case and accompanied by images of the unpainted product, box and eventually, other related images. Painting the figures requires a lot of time and for the moment I have not succeeded to paint the set in case. However, when I finish painting such a set and upload the photos, also the text will be revisited and increased in terms of information, obviously that Review turning into an “Extended" one.

 (NA) – “Not Available", meaning there is no Review or images because for the moment I do not have the respective set in my collection. Once I manage to get it, I will take photos and write a “Brief" review.

 Note: It might be the case that a particular set to be reissued by one or more manufacturers. For such sets, no review or images are provided in that location, just a mention the set is a reissue as well as a highlight of its first manufacturer and an invitation for visiting the page where the review can be accessed.

 Of course, the desire and tendency is the amount of “Brief" and “Not Available" to become lower and lower, and the website to feature as many as possible reviews in the “Extended" group. Nevertheless, painting, eventual conversions and writing the text require time and a lot of work, so please be patient. Likewise, updates of the site will be announced on Home page and immediately done when a set passes in another category as well as when new sets are launched on the market.

It is important to note the content of reviews reflects only the reviewer’s opinion and obviously, this might diverge more or less from the readers’ views. If not otherwise, it is hoped that both texts and accompanying images made available here provide enough information for the visitor to form his own opinion.

Except images, both “Extended" and “Brief" Reviews include the following:

At the beginning a chart providing General Data on the set such as:

Manufacturer meaning the producer of the set

Scale meaning the scale of the set. As title of the website emphasises, most of the featured sets are in the 1/72 scale. However, occasionally a set encloses figures issued in smaller or larger scales as well as some sets listed by their producers as 1/76 might supply in reality figures in the 1/72 scale

Set Code meaning the code received by the set from its manufacturer

Year meaning the year when the set was produced for the first time. There are cases when the exact year is unknown, marked either through “?" or “Unknown"

No. of Figures meaning the number of figures available in a regular box.

No. of Poses meaning the number of distinct poses the figures are delivered.

Additional Items meaning if the set includes except figures, other items such as gear, cannons, vehicles, diorama accessories etc

Aspect or Height meaning the height of the figures. It is known that many manufacturers issue their figures in different sizes, but all might pass as 1/72. In this regard, the reviews from here should include one of the following categories: Small, Medium, Tall. Sporadically, a kit might comprise figures issued in two of these categories.

Material meaning the material figures are made of. One of these categories will appear: Soft Plastic, Hard Plastic, Resin, White Metal, and Zinn

Colour meaning the colour content is released in, but this could easily vary than the one mentioned one due to various reasons.

Glue-ability meaning the propensity of the material to answer to various adhesives, in terms of bond created. There are identified four classifications, respectively Poor, Satisfactory, Good, and Excellent. Moreover, in brackets, it is indicated the recommended adhesive in reviewer’s opinion.

Conversion-ability meaning the suitability of figures to various conversions based on material, stance, if they are multi-part etc. There are identified three levels, namely Difficult, Medium, and Easy

Optimal Period meaning the period within WWII the figures might be best used in order to avoid potential historical inaccuracies. For instance, a set where the figures are dressed in M43 tunics cannot be used in a diorama presenting an action happened in 1940.

Text of the Review, where it is tried to cover and transmit as much information as possible related to the set in case.

A final chart with various Rates for the figures of that set:

Historical Accuracy rates the accuracy of uniforms, weapons, and gear on the figures.

Anatomy rates the normal proportions of bodies, faces, fingers in place etc

Poses Quality rates how the poses succeed to match with normal human being if adopting similar stances, how suitable are with the implemented actions, and originality

Details Quality rates the level of details, including small ones achieved both by sculptor and mould

Mould Quality rates how the figures are cast, with or without flash, excess of plastic, broken weapons, mould marks, etc

Sculpture rates the general appearance of the figure, both anatomically and in terms of details

Recommendation/Utility rates how often the topic is covered by the industry and the suitability of the figures with the depicted actions, gear, various vehicles, accessories etc

Reviewer’s Opinion tries taking into consideration all the above and gives a personal rate to the set.